it was still a usual afternoon

1 iunie 2009
More Credit Card TerminalPoint of Sale important, he learns without a teacher, can draw every one with green hills and clear waters, aquarelle that lively color brings forth fragrance. His picture is that there are poems in the picture, fascinating. In his centre of the sitting room of home, the most striking place, a " lotus picture " is hung ,It is one of pastor Wu’s masterpieces. First of all, heave in sight that spread all over the place jade set up graceful lotus, powder carry on one’s shoulder or back and hang down revealing, brimming; Secondly, it is the unfolded lotus leaf of that one, meet the eye on every side dark greenly, is lining with lotuses silently. Lotus, and lotus leaf so gentle and refined freely, out of mud than dyeing they, wash it in the clear water without goblin, one sows a burst of fragrance out. 
Exactly look like this one of pastor Wu’s "  The lotus picture "  The same, the lotus is more gorgeous, there must be the setting off of green leaves too, could reflect each other well further, flamboyant. If we likened pastor Wu to the lotus, so the teacher’s wife of Wu is that unhonored, essential green leaves. 
60 more than teacher’s wife Wu of years old, look young and delicate and pretty. She has a oval cheek, presents a kind of serenity on the smooth and pale forehead, the eyebrow is clear and neat, in the eyes no matter when and where it is, always include a kind of kindly and gentle smile. 
The teacher’s wife has been in the family born in a pastor since the childhood. The edifying seeing and hearing, accumulating over a long period while as a child, made her become one and have cohesiveness, a generation of more typical new teacher’s wives more transcendently and even more. 
On belief, the teacher’s wife is the worship of an unshakable main fact person. Not merely lying in poring over " the Holy Bible " outstandingly of her, understand the god’s instruction really penetratingly, lie in her know how until " whether people take Cupid, want lover " even more Spirit the complete, the accurate to run through, reflect on bit of daily life. She thinks with feeling of a inch, will " love " personally Seed in everyone’s heart, enable it to yield positive results in the minds of people. Her Israel " loves " Tie her tightly in peoples bind together. 
Except teacher’s wife makes all-out efforts to manage the internal affairs taught on ordinary days, organize various speeches, roast outside various delicious cake for everybody’s timing, one of the most outstanding points of hers is the ordinary and trifling care activity that she is engaged in. 
Her care is varied, informal. Such as whose mother-in-law and daughters-in-law it is with,will appear for of both sides work in person she, until both sides reach and forgive each other each other. Or whose children have the piano match, dance joint performance, graduation ceremony, she will participate in in person. Her appearance will often move the heart of every child and parents deeply. Teacher’s wife Wu specially have a little own notebook, has written the major issue minor matter of every family all over above, she worries about "  Teach " Thing of this everyone in everybody. 
But it was still a usual afternoon of April of 2003 that made me the most unforgettably and cherished. 
That day, I because acute appendicitis Electronic Cigarette Business Gift| Hong Kong Gifts and Premium| Promotional Premium | Gifts and Premium| Advertising Premium| Premium Gifts| Hong Kong Gifts & Premium| Gift and Premium Fair| Corporate Premium| Executive Gift Frontline Tick, is admitted to hospital and do the operation. Because at that time because my husband went to China to go on business, the daughter studied at school, so I was only accompanied by a friend, admitted to hospital and carry on emergency call operation. 
Nowadays, everything before the skill and in the skill is faded out from from my memory slowly, have become the old affair. But only postoperative that time, printed it in my heart deeply, became my permanent memory. How to forget, postoperative that day, when I revive little by little from the general anesthesia, what the first is mirrored my eye is the teacher’s wife in jacket of light blue design of scattered small flowersand plants and that mother-in-law at the venerable age of 97 of hers, hold a cluster of red roses in hands, stand by my bed quietly, pray for me gently. Sight and sight of them in I meet at that moment, the fuzzy my sight at once of tear, I stretch out both hands and them and hold it tightly together slowly. Brain of me reverberate the beautiful chant very " for Jesus at that time, we become whole family "  . 
In day after I leave hospital, the teacher’s wife gave me kind care and treatment. She give me give soup give meal, appetite under the good situation, make the meal that innovated in pattern or design by every means in me every day, in order to adjust my appetite. During that period of time, before I fall asleep every night, will receive a telephone of saluting of the teacher’s wife’s, like this, until my full restoration everyday. 
True, under the drive instructing in words and by deeds and setting an example by personally taking part of pastor Wu and teacher’s wife, teach the only picture big family entirely. On my sick day, not merely a lot of persons cared about and helped me quietly, and people that teach all recovery make a lot of pray genuinely as soon as possible for I health also. Everything here, become my effective pillar on spirit and on physical power in the disease, become a kind of motive power of people’s of my believing in the main fact, caring in the future. Thank main fact, let me in difficult moment most, have so many love people of me, accompany me day and night at my side. 
On just June 8, 2003 not long after recovering, I received baptism formally, became a qualified Christian.   

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