look after the daughter

1 iunie 2009
After Credit Card TerminalPoint of Sale waiting for me to enter the operating room, will go to the school to meet my daughter at once, will take care of the daughter and have supper in triumphant promise , then come back to the hospital and accompany me. Postoperative I have a meal for the first time, is the porridge which she cooked personally that the triumphant promise is sent to and fry the bamboo shoot silk clearly, that is that my high fever vomited the most fragrant meal eating any more after one week. 
I have stayed in two days and one nights and gone home only in the hospital. Go home, mean the illness on without a trace. Because the postoperative wound pains, bes weak and can’t be hit and paid attention to that kind of one’s own setback senses without can look after the daughter, my mood has reached the limit badly. 
During this period of days for suffering, the triumphant promise is a faithful companion around me. At that time, she comes to my home early in the morning every day just as going to work, the house someoned until the daughter left school in the afternoon, she left. The family that she arranged me sweeps, cooks, does washing, walks a dog just like her own family, it is done that all. She studies and reads the newspaper for me too, helps water of my end to take medicine. Like this, until my body totally recovers everyday. 
The triumphant promise is a very pious Christian. It is her required course of every day to study the Holy Bible carefully, like one day in more than 20 years. She can heavy sections of heavy sections of ground, one word person who leak chapter to recite the Holy Bible, like, read, say for others her by experience that pray too. She is that active mind while teaching who we often go. Serving main fact, she is always perfectly willing and having neither enmity nor repentance. She is not that that kind of major issue comes definitely, the person that the minor matter does not become. Just the opposite, she always starts from one’s own minor matter around, and never perform a task perfunctorily conscientiously. She understands deeply that can accomplish the major issue in accumulation of thousands upon thousands minor matters. In that teaches, the person helped by her is far more than just a few again. 
The temperament and interest of the self- life of the triumphant promise, first, love cats, second, love chrysanthemums. 
She have one make dust, dark,Auto Diagnostic| Car Diagnostic| Automotive Diagnostic| bmw gt1 white three color maos of alternate kitten that people like very. Kitten love vertical tail is at home leisurely and carefree, sophisticated appeal to saunter to saunter always. Disposition of it docile, sight soft, always neither fast nor slow take food. It independence must very much, dislike no one to touch it. It asserts the triumphant promise is its mother, eats and drinks and draws and spreads sleeping, everything should look for the triumphant promise. 
In U.S.A., world where flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, the triumphant promise is only deeply in love with chrysanthemum. Reach in the season of the chrysanthemum in full bloom each time, she always likes putting a basin of basin chrysanthemums in front of the door, meeting visiting guest and friend. Under shining upon in the sun of those flowers, it is clicked that brilliant and brilliant light spots flash, been rushing down to the ground all the time, has given somebody wonderful and magical reverie. 
I left Tennessee State in August of 2003, moved to Philadelphia, the chance met with the triumphant promises from then on was greatly reduced, but the thing of temperament and interest of person that we can still share us with the letter in living each other by telephone, we still care about the other side ‘s safe and health. 
The friend, even far apart the numerous mountains and rivers, even break up at the ends of the earth, it is always the body too a far heart is near, have mutual affinity , closely bound up.  

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