I am not qualified temporarily

19 iunie 2009
Husband of musical instrument Tan come really in a few days, if couple bill and coo, couple are unusually affectionate, there is not a disharmonious sign at all. It seems I have met trouble halfway. a? I sell out thing come back home, see Qu Wei walked home pass by the little south village, one evening, I ask carelessly why she does not call a taxi, she says that saves money. " save money in a?? " I can’t help smiling. Impression Wei Qu spend money like flowing water, go out car come that car go, no the economical master at all. She asks why I have not gone to the bar recently, I say that is the place where rich men went, I am not qualified temporarily. She has smiled, asks me restrainedly, if is rich. I tell her if only result, speak, strengthen throttle gallop at all speed and leave. I step dozens of meters a?, stop. After Qu Wei comes over, I say with a smile if she willing, can a direct route part of the way she incidentally. She has hesitated to say with a smile thanks a lot, then on carrying the skirt and taking the car lightly. a? I send residence gate to straight her, she polite formula odd, ask me to come in, I have turned around and gone home after thanking. , it is getting hotter year by year that a? has used locals. Summer is coming, become the natural outdoor bathing place in Wanquanhe. Tan Qin’s husband is afraid of very much hotly, let somebody accompany him to and swim in the river everywhere, I recommend oneself and come with him, everybody thought I joked, someone bantered and said, I dared to swim in the river, he dared to fry the egg with the palm. I leave somebody at large the better to apprehend him, has irritated several sentences of his, he is really infected and clapped the hands and bet with me, I swim across Wanquanhe, he invites everybody a hot pot in Sichuan in the young south village rinses one pot of young animals. a? we come bank of the river, Jun Pan give a piggyback I much swimming of peoples shoot surprised sight to me simultaneous go down quay. I show no concern, every place make at body with cold water, joke, break one’s promise, there is still time even now. Everybody laughs heartily, say I move real and afraid. I " rebuke " Ground smiles, say this hot pot can be eaten. Finish saying, in one breath, pitch it into water directly, dive under water and swim to the other bank. How far it is visited that I have not known a?, feel that surfaces immediately while suffocating quickly. I see it is only several meters far, a bit sorry unavoidably from the bank. Think: Know to make an extra effort to land directly so again early. I visit and debark, sit to the quay, look around to the other bank, Tan Qin dances for joy, cheers on the opposite side loudly. a? I have a rest, for a moment, jump into ink from state of being middling to the other bank slightly. I find a lot of swimming of images see like the bizarre entity looking at Iing, someone swim back to afford to occupy a commanding position on the bank even. I see people are mostly the sight appreciated, envied, can’t help secretly being proud, put more and more in water joyously. Different swimming appearances that I am varying a?, swim on the bank making easy progress from experience. Fail with my bettor utterly convincedly, and admire. I am unavoidable to say boasting, the rivers of the hometown are much wider than this river. a? is at this moment a woman is in full battle gear from coming over to the travel around bank, debark and say: "Little section of real oxen! " Finish saying, take and dive under water the mirror. By describing Qu Wei coloured and dazzlingly, it is not excessive at any time. As she stands on quay wetly, attract numerous opposite sexes’ sight immediately. Qu Wei has been in the river all the time originally, because we in full battle gear did not recognize. a? Qin Tan tell her someone to take hot pot, Wei Qu say, have the good thing how can go, whether do not eat white. She wants everybody to wait and finish saying and spring straight up into the air, slipped into water a moment later. See the posture that she entries into water, very the picture is passed and specially trained. Qu Wei waves at us after debarking, says loudly she goes back to change the clothes, want Tan Qin to meet her in the past by bike. a? Tan Qin says it’s tired and hot by bike, advises me to connect Qu Wei by car. I throw the key to the motorcycle to others, meet someone natural of the beauty’s good thing and step forward bravely. I will not drink, have finished and taken leave after a meal and gone home. The topics together of singers are due to the amusement circles forever, I am not interested in such a topic. a? Tan Qin and husband are often at odds, her husband always looks for.. in my room me and plays chess after each quarrel. Musical instrument Tan agree to the decision that the husband goes home finally when autumn has set in, in the words of hers, the husband is right, instead of dawdling in Beijing hopelessly, it would be better to come back home to do some other things. I see the couple carrying the figure that the travelling bag leaves away hurriedly, can’t help thinking of one’s own situation. Perhaps I will flee from this flourishing city in the disappointment hurriedly even like them one day. Beijing is the place where a dream begins, it is the place where a dream is broken even more. Know, have how much people seek dream and come, abandon dream leave every day. 
a? time live, fast, pass by another year in an instant really. My life is as such as what was sung in the song "  It is not good not bad to cross and have these years "  . Remain unchanged, fish, afford to shine network two day three day, the people contacting it are varied, people in various trades. In free time when the blowing and raining goes out to set up a stall, I gather and play mahjong with several young people living in the compound occupied by many households together, cheat beauties. I must fail in order to gamble, although victory or defeat is not big, took seriously at that time. Everybody is roughly similar, the income is meagre, someone lives more short of moneyly because of the day of losing money in gamble, even rent can not be handed in. A thing happens later to touch me because a young man in the courtyard because the thing of the stealing company has been sent to the local police station. Let somebody ask relation something terrible happens in time fortunately. I have seldom participated in since then "  Gamble " . A guy in Henan at that time of a? joins the army in the suburb of Beijing, comes to Beijing with the girl friend after retiring. He lives in the courtyard next door, often go to our courtyard to play cards, all of us call him " tycoon " . Comparatively speaking his income is much higher than ours, it is known that what no one become. But I see often he and Women Friend,et al. sell the things on the overline bridge on the west door of the National People’s Congress.Pet Shop, Frontline Tick, Frontline Cat, Flea Medication, Flea Remedies, china wholesale, Printer Parts He seldom cooks, often fills a wine cup for sb. to make peace in the restaurant with a gang of people, makes people envy very much. a? once he and I happen to meet in the restaurant, he must invite me to dinner, I have to lose the deskmate with him. He proposes doing business with me in partnership while having a meal. I am sorry the ground tells him to lack capital that did business. He said he would need me to offer one fen, guarantee more than 3,000 yuan of monthly income. I do not say, but thinks in the heart in the mouth: Is there a good thing in the world? He tells me silently he can only earn more than 5,000 yuan each month. I am a bit aroused in interest unavoidably, ask what he does. He has a chat with me carefully while saying with a smile that does not there are not people. Later on he said he would sell the decadent CD with me in partnership. I have given a start, have refused mildly and roundaboutly right away. I am not a fool, know that sells that to let the police have no good fruit to eat to catch. Moreover, police come, others run quickly, I become fish of chopping block allow oneself to be trampled upon. I am timid and overcautious that he has seen a?, think of a method of compromising, give me a reward of 50 yuan every day, in charge of a meal at noon. The condition is that I get to the residential building hutong of the People’s University by car every day, wait for him taking CDs. They sell out and page me, I only need give the CD in the past, in fact I am that one flow in the warehouse. I think where is thing of free pie with heart, then say with a smile, every one of them bring more and save trouble more, why not use me. This of his just says the truth, has said and taken and caught the trouble more. He says I am a disabled person, others will not suspect, the police catch major issues of having no. I think mind to be lucrative to have no heavy risk also fine, pretend, say I consider deep. In fact just make a show. I turned in the residential building of the People’s University carrying a case of CDs the next day of a?, the BP has rung as expected. I watch, sell for CD digital secret signal that people sow those, look for the public phone answer immediately. It was Qu Wei originally, she said she would die soon, will urge me to go over at once. I had no time to speak to her and just want to make the telephone, she cried in that side of the telephone. I have to phone to return the things to them to the person who sells the CD for a moment while hesitating, say the thing with one’s own importance should be done, finish saying and leave away hurriedly.

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