The daddy comments on

6 iulie 2009
The daddy comments on: 
The day-to-day account, select from participation first match that high Qian write write at the same time, heavy and complicated and trifling. Extract the a small half of space that only takes the original text here, read to still feel dizzy and tired. As the party, participate in dozens of such matches every year, the mood is high that she seems, find pleasure in it. 
The city that often goes out to get beyond one or two hundred kilometers participates in the competition, there is little time for study, what is got? 
I think, have widened the visual field at least. Find knowledge insufficient in the match, remind oneself to expand the range of knowlege. Several hundred people join each match, aces in every school gather together,Netbook Wholesale|Netbook manufacturer|Netbook review|Netbook factory||Electronic CigaretteCheap Netbooks|Best Netbook|Buy Cheap Netbook|Red Netbook|White Netbook the circle of the tourney has not been confined to a school. The judge of teacher from all parts, can let you have a taste of different teachers’ style. Such a court, form a miniature society, it is a chance to broaden horizon. The daughter got to know many every schools of all parts in this kind of occasion "  The elite " ,It is a friend, it is a rival too. More military than to finish, become the friend. This situation is opened, which school has any characteristics, has any past master in Quanzhou, she has at fingertips. Isn’t it that, shall I know yourself as well as the enemy? She does not orient one’s own goal and battle field on this small town at all times.   
Consume the speaking competition (3) of time   
Having never had the daughter of the speech lesson, the high school is praiseworthy on the achievements in the speech team in the first year, carry off the only best new hand’s award at the end of term. No matter the eighth place or the first place of final of preliminary contest, all the meaning is outstanding for her. Take one out from several hundred questions, plan to lecture impromptu only in 30 minutes, to everyone, are all exercise and test of a kind of integration capability. Such ability is trained, is lawyer’s professional planning, it is indispensable to expect to become high-quality talents.    

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