The thing of shaking

24 august 2009
The thing of shaking people even more than the earthquake happened on the second day after the earthquake. This it is in fact still and last time that piece about "  A scar "  Major event have relation,just suffer disaster most this time Chen Sun.    
    Just on that stone road while going out in the morning, I have seen sequentially the mouse of the eldest of three eldests died at edge of the way, meet so many die mouse I meet for the first time at the same time at one road. Perhaps this is "  Eliminate the four pests "  Combat success of taking action. A few days ago, grandmother and I hear and sell to the pedlar of a medicine of mouse that shouted very hard, if grandmother and I stand up to go to food markets to line up to buy hairtails early in the morning, "mouse medicine, cockroach medicine, eliminates the four pests and makes the hygiene, it is the revolution to do the hygiene well. " Perhaps this is a certain bad omen . I suitable a whole day that day as expected.    
    First the break of the second class in the morning, Sun Chen and Li Yan were taught a director how to call, have seen them for one morning, what major issue the classmates all are guessing that sure to happen, because can find out from the Chinese class of the form master of section four, the young form master always in Botani| Squalene| Skin Care| Point of Sale| Laptop Batteries a gentle and mild way is very plain to us. But I will not just take a piece of paper and scribble in the lesson carelessly sensibly, certainly the paper has been confiscated by the teacher, " you, what is this that you draw? " I am not clear either what oneself draws on paper, can only say no word with one’s head low. "OK, you say, reach office go, hand over later now. "    
    Do not allow having a meal if at noon, I am punished to stand still in the office hungrily, what do not clearly explain the picture. The perfume of the lunch fills the air in the whole office, the form master is shelling a drunk crab’s carefully with one’s head low, send out " the clicking the tongue " while eating Sound.    
    "Teacher, this that I draw is   The sun grows the moon. " Chase urine suppress I stand really.     

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