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The thing of shaking

luni, august 24th, 2009

The thing of shaking people even more than the earthquake happened on the second day after the earthquake. This it is in fact still and last time that piece about "  A scar "  Major event have relation,just suffer disaster most this time Chen Sun.         Just on that stone road while going out in [...]

The daddy comments on

luni, iulie 6th, 2009

The daddy comments on:  The day-to-day account, select from participation first match that high Qian write write at the same time, heavy and complicated and trifling. Extract the a small half of space that only takes the original text here, read to still feel dizzy and tired. As the party, participate in dozens of such [...]

I am not qualified temporarily

vineri, iunie 19th, 2009

Husband of musical instrument Tan come really in a few days, if couple bill and coo, couple are unusually affectionate, there is not a disharmonious sign at all. It seems I have met trouble halfway. a? I sell out thing come back home, see Qu Wei walked home pass by the little south village, one [...]

look after the daughter

luni, iunie 1st, 2009

After Credit Card TerminalPoint of Sale waiting for me to enter the operating room, will go to the school to meet my daughter at once, will take care of the daughter and have supper in triumphant promise , then come back to the hospital and accompany me. Postoperative I have a meal for the first [...]

it was still a usual afternoon

luni, iunie 1st, 2009

More Credit Card TerminalPoint of Sale important, he learns without a teacher, can draw every one with green hills and clear waters, aquarelle that lively color brings forth fragrance. His picture is that there are poems in the picture, fascinating. In his centre of the sitting room of home, the most striking place, a " [...]


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